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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

The DonaldDonald Trump told a story about himself to his daughter Ivanka in the backseat of a limo driving in New York City. They were halted to a red light and saw a bum pan handling for money.  Donald turned to his daughter and told her that the bum sitting on the curb actually has a higher net worth than he does.  His daughter was confused and questioned Donald on what he meant. Donald explained that after a series of unfortunate events, he was Continue reading

Get People to Tell You Yes!

Embedded CommandsBeing persuasive is key for anyone to be successful in life. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or yourself, you are essentially getting prospects to buy. Sometimes, it can be easy, but most of the time, it requires skill and work to get someone to SAY YES. We are cognitive beings that are pre-wired to do things a certain way. People are not born successful, they are built to be that way. Words are extremely powerful because what you say shapes everything people understand from you. Obviously, what you say will determine which Continue reading

Condition Yourself for Success

Condition Yourself for SuccessAs a child I was quiet and would keep to myself  because of this I was perceived as being submissive and shy,  I continued to be  this way thru ought my teenage years  up until I took part in the personal development industry.  What’s interesting is how I developed to be that way.  Because I was an introvert person my parents and family members referred to me as being shy. They, like most people, were not aware of the Continue reading

Revolutionizing the Way We Learn

VAKAs teenagers (Jr. High – College), we learn and pick up information much faster than we do as adults (after college). We process information mainly through 3 of our 5 senses: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic. Everyone is more dominate in one than the other…including teachers. The way they teach is the same way they process information, i.e. if they are visual, than they will teach all of their students in a visual format. So in a classroom of 30 students, since 1 in 3 students are more visual than the other senses, only 10 students are Continue reading

How to Win an Argument

ArgumentsThe ultimate goal for an argument is not to have a contest to see who can yell the loudest, it’s about having the other person(s) believe and agree on your point of view.  Being a powerful communicator means that you must be able to Continue reading

Food is the New Weather

Coversation TopicsMany people have a hard time having a conversation with people that they DON’T know. In many cases, it’s because they are unsure of what to talk about. I was surprisingly very shy as a child and throughout my teen years.  Having conversations with complete strangers practically caused me to cringe!

Throughout my years of studying human behavior, I’ve trained myself with the ability to converse with no fear. Having exceptional conversational skills is a necessity if you plan on being a Continue reading

Create a Goal – Make it Work

do goals work

Has there ever been a time when you decided to write down your goals and then never looked at them again?

Why do you think that is? Beside the fact that only 50% of the world are motivated by goals, most people are simply too lazy, careless, or just forget.
The only way that goals can work are by doing one thing: Continue reading

Selling Yourself

Selling YourselfVirtually everyone who is successful in life all share one trait: powerful communication. This level of communication is not just with the people around them, it starts within oneself. Knowingly believing in yourself by having:

  • the confidence
  • the self-assurance
  • the charisma

When you learn the points above, you will begin to Continue reading

The Pursuit of Happiness

HappinessI need to get a relationship, that might make me happy. I need to find a better job, maybe that will make me happy. I need to be rich, then I’ll BE HAPPY for sure! We all think that happiness will come in the future after something is attained or accomplished. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that most people believe which ironically becomes the   Continue reading

The Needs That Influence the Way We Live Our Lives


Certainty – Humans are beings of comfort and complacency. It is true that there is no guaranteed certainty, however, we much want certainty that we will live to see tomorrow, that the electricity works, you still have your job.

Uncertainty – Ironically, with too much certainty our lives would simply be Continue reading