Selling Yourself

Selling YourselfVirtually everyone who is successful in life all share one trait: powerful communication. This level of communication is not just with the people around them, it starts within oneself. Knowingly believing in yourself by having:

  • the confidence
  • the self-assurance
  • the charisma

When you learn the points above, you will begin to instinctively realize more opportunities and signs of greatest throughout your life. No, this is not just metaphorically speaking because it is true that positive attracts positive as vice versa. If you don’t believe it, try this:

One day, be absolutely positive, optimistic, and caring and then you’ll slowly begin to discover a healthier vibe or aura around you. The next day, do the exact opposite, you’ll notice things will not go your way.

Though most people are aware that if one carries a negative energy they will attract negative events, they are not consciously aware of it. A former mentor of mine describes the subconscious mind like a drunk monkey, going nuts and out of control. Your subconscious mind does not think linearly, it is all over the place.

I personally believe that if you can control your aura and vibe, then you’ll easily be able to sell yourself to anybody. Most people like positive enthusiastic go getters.

Start with this:

Be grateful: Remember, there are millions of people in this world that are very unfortunate. Stop focusing on your negativities and enlighten yourself with what’s going right in your life. After you shift your focus in that other direction, you will start to notice positive improvements.

Act as if: This has been said by many people for many years now: Act as if you are already successful and you have everything you want. Opportunities arise more often to those who aren’t desperately searching for one.

Confidence: Many people lack confidence simply because they want things in life but have these obstacles i.e. too fat, too skinny, not smart etc. People who are not as confident as they would like to be simply need to TAKE ACTION on what they want to do. If you need to feel better about your appearance, go to the gym. If you feel as if your not smart enough, educate yourself. We are in the informational age, meaning that we can encounter virtually any type of data we want in a matter of seconds.

11 thoughts on “Selling Yourself

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    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      I agree that they lack confidence because they may not speak the language correctly, but I disagree with it being an excuse. It does not matter how bad your English is, you can still be tremendously successful. Having high energy and enthusiasm will separate you from the rest.

  2. Jelena

    the book:
    “…TAKE ACTION on what they want to do…” great point
    Everyone have something good inside,focus on it and then educate your self ,way you want to be…
    I Like your post,thx

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