The Pursuit of Happiness

HappinessI need to get a relationship, that might make me happy. I need to find a better job, maybe that will make me happy. I need to be rich, then I’ll BE HAPPY for sure! We all think that happiness will come in the future after something is attained or accomplished. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that most people believe which ironically becomes the  demise of their highly anticipated happiness.

A perfect example is the astonishing Harvard study in which several educators observed and studied the happiness level of two individuals.  One of the individuals had won the lottery and obviously as most people would be,  his happiness level was ranked at a 10. The other person had their happiness level extremely low due to a tragic accident that transformed him to a paraplegic.  Both of their happiness levels were given as obvious, but this was up until it was measured over a 1 year period of time. What’s interesting was that after 1 year, both the person who struck rich and the person who had became a paraplegic had their happiness levels at almost equally the same. The paraplegic’s happiness gained over time while the lotto winner’s decrease.

What does that tell you? This means that as easy as it is to say the external factors are the cause of our happiness…we are wrong. Happiness comes fom within it is a state of mind that you can choose to be in at any given time. The reason why we don’t is simply because it requires more energy. Sooner or later, you will begin to realize that if you choose to BE HAPPY NOW.., you’ll naturally begin to attract the things you have always wanted in your life. Don’t just try this way of living, DO IT!

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