The Needs That Influence the Way We Live Our Lives


Certainty – Humans are beings of comfort and complacency. It is true that there is no guaranteed certainty, however, we much want certainty that we will live to see tomorrow, that the electricity works, you still have your job.

Uncertainty – Ironically, with too much certainty our lives would simply be boring. We most definitely want the variety of what will happen next to had the suspense and surprise in our lives.

Significance – We naturally want our lives to of value to someone so we crave for the importance of being and doing what we do.  To one person significance can mean conjuring up a way to save the earth from its natural destruction whilst to another person, significance can mean having power over anothers life by threatening their life.

Connection/Love – Being alone or in solitude doesn’t have a positive affect on the mind. This is a feeling that most people spend their entire lives searching for.

Growth – To put this as simple as possible: The world is fast paced and wont slow down for anyone. Even if you ahead of most people, if you stop growing, the world will eventually catch up. Being the world’s richest person fluctuates so much because some people decide to grow quicker than others. If your not growing…your dying.

Contribution – The way to master anything is to be able to teach it. It feels in good knowing you’ve helped someone, some people, or an entire community.

Everyone places these needs in their own order. For some, one need is more important than the other. Prioritizing our needs in a particular order will literally alter the destination we are looking to go towards.

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