Get People to Tell You Yes!

Embedded CommandsBeing persuasive is key for anyone to be successful in life. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or yourself, you are essentially getting prospects to buy. Sometimes, it can be easy, but most of the time, it requires skill and work to get someone to SAY YES. We are cognitive beings that are pre-wired to do things a certain way. People are not born successful, they are built to be that way. Words are extremely powerful because what you say shapes everything people understand from you. Obviously, what you say will determine which direction the conversation will go, so let’s start with the basics:

Embedded Commands

These are words that are sort of like ticking time bombs for the brain. They are 1-3 words that are within sentence that have a relatively powerful impact on your prospects decision making process. For example: It seems like you clearly agreeing with what I’m telling you so let’s ACT NOW so I can help you get what you want in the time you need it…does that work for you? This is a very simple pattern to catch on to. Keep in mind that when you SAY THIS OUT LOUD, you put unique emphasis on your embedded command. Sooner or later, after much practice, you’ll begin to discover a difference on our prospect’s action. This command is very subliminal meaning that it will affect them subconsciously.

Here are some more examples of embedded commands:

say yes; do it now; tell me yes; sign the contract; choose me; hire me; trust me; do what I say; feel good; feel confident; feel comfortable

Start your persuasive language by using embedded commands within the sentences you use on a daily basis. Remember, these word(s) need to have a very unique emphasis when said.

10 thoughts on “Get People to Tell You Yes!

  1. Ace

    Aj, I dont quite understand the concept of embedded commands.

    However what I did when I was in sales was, ask yes or no questions, of which I already know the answers, in succession, – that way the person is in the “yes mood.” Then I pivot to closing the deal 😉

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      That is called the “yes set close” and works amazing. The point of the embedded command is to place action words in your prospects subconscious mind. These action words are then triggered like a time bomb to take action. Embedded commands work really well with people who are highly suggestive.

  2. John Kooz

    Yes set close is actually asking a series of 2-3 “definite yes” answers. “You’re alive right?” Right. Now, you’ve slept in the past 48 hours right? Right. You remember what the face of your Parents look like right? Right . You want to sign this contract now right? Right. YEs set close is generating a “rut” of yes responses so you can just pop in the question you desire yes from into that rut and there’s a great likelihood of a yes response to the desirable question.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Hey bud,

      yes you are right with your definition of “yes set” closes. However, this article wasn’t about “yes -set closes” My comment that you are referring to

      “That is called the “yes set close” and works amazing…”

      was a response to a commenter who wrote:

      “However what I did when I was in sales was, ask yes or no questions, of which I already know the answers, in succession, – that way the person is in the “yes mood.” Then I pivot to closing the deal”

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