Condition Yourself for Success

Condition Yourself for SuccessAs a child I was quiet and would keep to myself  because of this I was perceived as being submissive and shy,  I continued to be  this way thru ought my teenage years  up until I took part in the personal development industry.  What’s interesting is how I developed to be that way.  Because I was an introvert person my parents and family members referred to me as being shy. They, like most people, were not aware of the psychological affect words have on people.  I then believed and accepted that I was a timid person.   I later in life learned that I was trained and conditioned to be that way. I had the choice to continue to be an introvert person or make the instant change to be an extrovert.  I immediately made changes that would help me evolve to the person I am today.

Since we are now adults, what do we do?
Where you are today is what you experienced in the last 5-10 years of your life. Where you will be in the next 5-10 years will be determined by what you do from now until then.  Even if you see yourself as shy, dumb, not good enough, or whatever you were negatively conditioned as, you can break through this barrier. To transform who are you are today to who you want to be requires an enormous amount of energy. The first question I’d ask you before you make this change: how badly do you want it? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Deliberately place yourself in uncomfortable situations and you’ll begin to grow and be stronger mentally. Always ask yourself, “is what I’m doing right now causing me to be uncomfortable?”

We, like any business, need to be continuously growing, because if we are not growing, then we are dying. The World is extremely fast paced and doesn’t wait for anyone. You either grow as quickly as you can to move ahead, or be left behind.

What are some things you can decide on right now that will cause you to be uncomfortable?

8 thoughts on “Condition Yourself for Success

  1. Steve Moore

    So true. “Be comfortable with being uncomfortable” has sometimes been a challenge for me, but I usually just say to myself “what the hell, I can handle it, it certainly won’t be boring”. Man, if I stayed in my comfort zone I’d have gone nowhere, it’s vital to success. The last big uncomfortable thing I did about a year ago was take on a significant career change at work, it had a lot of unknowns but was a step up so I just dove in and ended up doing fine. Everyone always asks if I regretted it, but I tend to not even think about that, what good does it do to have second thoughts once the decision has been made?

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Very true Steve. I believe it was robbins who said
      “To decide” in its Latin root means “To cut off
      from” – the same as the word “incision.” A true decision means to resolve to do something andthen cut off all other possibilities.

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  3. bilish

    The changes we bring in our lives are dependent on whatever steps we take TODAY. I have tried to taste something which I never wanted to do, but turns out to be one hell of a experience. I keep on telling one of my friends that reading a book that you hate would give you insights which you can’t get from a good(average) book. There’s nothing wrong with trying and failing at something. That’s how we grow as no one is born great. Most of them GROW GREAT.

    Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish ~ Steve Jobs

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      That is some amazing insight, thank for that. I completely agree that no one is born great. In fact, being great takes years of conditioning, trying, and of course failing. If it was measured metrically, most people are just inches away from becoming great. Failing simply means your growing.

  4. bilish

    I’ve worked on my public speaking by actually doing it. So all you people out there, if you want to stitch, you have to stitch first in order to learn it.
    What a brilliant thought!
    Failing simply means your growing.

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