Food is the New Weather

Coversation TopicsMany people have a hard time having a conversation with people that they DON’T know. In many cases, it’s because they are unsure of what to talk about. I was surprisingly very shy as a child and throughout my teen years.  Having conversations with complete strangers practically caused me to cringe!

Throughout my years of studying human behavior, I’ve trained myself with the ability to converse with no fear. Having exceptional conversational skills is a necessity if you plan on being a high achiever in life.

To have an easy going conversation and start the process of building rapport it is best to choose a topic which is  relatively universal.   Before, many people resorted to using, “how’s the weather?” This is unquestionably no longer effective and is actually perceived as powerless.

Talk about food! It is a great conversation starter,  I have used this strategy for years and it works almost every time! I started eating meat after I turned 18! Most kids are excited about turning 18 because they are now adults, the can buy dirty magazines and cigarettes. I started eating meat! I was deprived of meat as a child since my family is vegetarian. I didn’t start eating meat  because I became adult, it was because I didn’t follow the same beliefs my parents did.  This was a turning point in life because I rediscovered my taste buds.

It is then followed by details on favorite types of food, their favorite types of foods, which branch into restaurants, then locations, which then opens up a million other ideas. The concept behind this is that people like being around people who they FEEL COMFORTABLE with. Many people like talking about food, so why not start there? Food is the New Weather.

What other topics would you recommend for starting up a conversation?

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7 thoughts on “Food is the New Weather

  1. Deep Patel

    I am a poor conversation starter, although I have noticed through practice that talking about the surrounding environment is the best way to strike up a conversation. For example, if your standing in a long line, maybe you can joke about it. I suppose staying calm and looking around, you maybe able to pick up topics to talk about.

  2. AJ Kumar Post author

    Great idea Deep. That’s definitely a great way to strike up a conversation with someone. Especially during the holiday seasons when lines are out the door.

    And everyone needs to remember, don’t be lazy and just blow it off…you never know who you might be standing next to.

    The more people you talk to, the more opportunities will open.

    @Deep Patel

  3. Sushil Mayer

    I like to ease drop on other peoples conversations & then join in when there’s an opening. Most people are okay with this, but some will look at you awkwardly as “Who is this guy…?”. Knowing the difference between those 2 types is the challenge.

  4. AJ Kumar Post author

    Very nice! To kill the awkward vibe, simply keep talking and then ask open ended questions like, “what do you think?” “Has that ever happened to you?”

    This way, you surpass the awkwardness and are now seamlessly part of the group conversation.

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