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5 Reasons Why Billy Mays is Annoyingly Persuasive

Hi Billy Mays here!” If you live in the United States, chances are you have see his commercials or heard his unique voice somewhere. Oxi-Clean, Orange Glo, and KaBOOM are just some of the many products you probably have in your home! I know my mom’s tried a few of his products before. In fact, I just saw a tub of Oxi-Clean sitting above my washer. His voice is strong and powerful, yet so authentic and sincere. This guy should have been #6 on the 5 Most Persuasive People on Planet Earth. What the hell is it about Billy Mays that makes you want to run, not walk, to buy the products he sells?

1. He Grabs Your Attention With His Excitement

Of course you’re going to pay attention to someone who’s screaming at you. Billy Mays is practically screaming his lungs off when he’s talking to you. The energy and enthusiasm Billy has during his infomercials is contagious. People love to buy when they’re excited!

2. He Believes in His Products

You can tell by the way Billy speaks and moves his body around, that he believes in his products 100%. Billy would swear on his mom’s life if you didn’t believe the Oxi-Clean can remove the dirt and stains from your clothes.

3. Dudes Got Sex Appeal

Billy’s target audience are mainly women. If you ask a women to describe Billy, you’ll get answers like rugged, man-ly, and confident. 3 traits that make women go “hmmm”.

4. He Actually Gives a Damn

When Billy Mays is talking during his infomercial, you can tell by the tone of his voice that he actually cares you wear clean clothes. It’s because he cares so gosh darn much, that you instantly believe that he’s doing you a favor by introducing that product in your life.

5. He Creates Major Urgency

If you don’t call right now, you can never have this products again. The alternative version is that if you don’t call right now, you won’t get all these amazing extra gifts for free.

Billy Sells His Products Everywhere he Goes

Billy Mays Sound Bites

(Billy Mays Ring Tones Anyone?)

A New Reality Show Called: Pitchmen

Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan have an interesting show called, “Pitchmen” coming out on the Discovery Channel this Spring. I think Billy is an phenomenal sales person and we can all learn a lot. You can also follow Billy Mays on Twitter.

**UPDATE** Billy past away on June 28, 2009. RIP Billy Mays

Top 4 Reasons Why Gary Vaynerchuk is so Incredibly Persuasive

Host of, Gary Vaynerchuk has recently exploded into a superstar celebrity. He’s appeared on national TV shows like on The Conan O’Brien and just yesterday, The Jimmy Fallon Show. Gary’s also been in countless news stories, talk shows, magazines, and blogs from around the world.  He’s starting to do for wines what Oprah’s done for reading books. How is Gary able to persuade so many people to listen to what he has to say?

1. He Chose To Be an Expert in a Niche Market

Choosing a niche doesn’t only apply in the online world, it works just as well in every day communication. People are generally more engaged in a conversation when they realize the person they are talking to is an expert.  Gary chose an interesting market that no one really cared about. A smart move for a guy who doesn’t mind spending countless hours branding him self. After years of convincing others to acknowledge his expertise, Gary’s referred to as “The Wine Guy.

2. He is Ridiculously Animated

I was recently watching Gary on The Jimmy Fallon Show and couldn’t help but to notice he keeps moving around. Whether he’s talking or not, moving his arms, hands, body, he just won’t stop. People love that! Most people just aren’t use to watching some act different,weird, or goofy.  By Gary not behaving like everyone else was able to compel others to focus on him. When people begin to focus on someone differently that the way the focus on everyone else, they create “character” out of them. People who are “characters” are much more memorable then people who are not.

3. He Has Authority

Whether Gary’s talking to Jimmy Fallon or to some random strangers, he is able to take charge and become the authoritative figure.  Most people are like sheep and would rather follow than lead. This may because they aren’t confident enough, lazy, or scared. Usually, when someone steps up to the plate, people are gladly willing to accept the authority and for a lack of a better phrase, ‘go with it’.  This is why Gary was easily able to become an influence to hundreds of thousands of people.

4. He is a No B.S. Type of Guy

Gary just tells it like it is and people respect him because of it. He focuses on his expertise and breaks it down simple enough for anyone to understand. You can tell that Gary stays away from the fluff during a conversation. He goes straight to the point and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. With no fluff, people are able to take full advantage of Gary’s expertise and take advantage of what he really has to offer: knowledge of wines.

Be Like Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s success can easily be duplicatable if you willing to work hard and work for your heart, rather than your wallet. To reiterate the steps above:

  • Chose a specific niche, and become an expert
  • Become spontaneous and animated
  • Speak with authority
  • Cut the bull

Gary also has a book coming out in a few months which I recommend you reserve because it’s expected to sell out quickly. It’s called Crush It: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, and it’s available for pre-order on Amazon. You can also follow Gary on twitter: @garyvee

The 5 Most Persuasive People On Planet Earth

These persuasive communicators are so good, they’ll sell the shirt right off your back!

5. Donald Trump

Steve Jobs

He would fire his own mother if he had to. He was able to convince hundreds of investors to re-invest millions when he was down close to a billion.

4. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

“I did not have a sexual relationships with that women.”

3. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

You can’t help but to get excited just looking at this guy! Tony can easily sell ice to an Eskimo.  Tony is famous for selling you on why you should sell you.

2. Oprah

Oprah Winfrey

She mentions a book and it goes into the top 10. If she puts a book in the Oprah Book Club, it becomes the #1 best seller. She can also take any company and make it profitable within a a day by showing the company’s product on the ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ episode. This has been referred to as “The Oprah Effect

1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

He convinced America about a “change”. Also has an Oprah like effect, but obviously much greater. Many persuasion experts believe Barack has undergone a tremendous amount of training with the art of persuasion.

Liar Liar, Pants on Fire: How to Catch a Liar

Lying. I believe that if people could learn one communication skill they would want to know how to instantly tell whether somebody is lying or not. And funny enough, most people also want that one magic thing that is going to immediately let them know that somebody is lying, the same way people want the one magic line that will get them any girl, the one magic line that will get them anyjob…and the list goes on.

I would like to emphasize once and for all that if this was the case…if there was one line that would get you any job, there would be no such thing as the unemployed. But in today’s economy we see that it’s obviously not true.

However, my dearest friends, while there is no one way to tell whether somebody is lying, there are many indications that we are going to learn about in this article and when you put everything together, you can become a human lie detector! So with that said, lets jump right into it!

Establishing a Baseline

With every little trick in the book people forget one very basic precept, people are different! (This is called the Hawthorn Error, forgetting that different people do different things while lying). Therefore, while most people do in fact adhere to these guidelines we shall lay down you still have to realize the differences within people.

Allow me, my ill informed comrades, to give you a great example and also, to give away one of my trade secrets. I have a unique ability to tell when a girl is taken and when she is available, and this is again based on psychology. I am about to give this secret to you, get pumped: (This works for guys also ladies, it just happens to be that whether a guy is available or not isn’t particularly a concern of mine.)

When we walk into a room we as humans automatically look for two things:

  • The attractive opposite sex people in the room
  • Danger

So that is an automatic baseline that you can apply to everyone. For instance, most people when they walk into a room:


  • Will primp their hair.
  • Smooth their dresses.


  • Puff out their chest.
  • Head for the bar. (since they are comfortable there.)


  • Scan the room.
  • Check out opposite sex attractive people.

If people are deviating from this baseline at all it means that there is are circumstances that are changing their natural behavior (ie. Psychological reasons.) So if I see a woman who is not only not doing the things I mentioned above but is also in a bad mood, I can deduce that she has had either a fight with her boyfriend or has just broken up and therefore if you try to talk to her she will bite your head off.

If she is not scanning the room looking for a mate it means she is taken and no longer has to look for a mate, so it deviates from this baseline.

So now we are going to apply this to lying! Have you ever taken a polygraph test? The second you sit down they automatically ask you something called “Control Questions”. For instance, “What’s your name?”, “Where were you born?” questions that they can verify. What happens is they monitor your vitals.


So a polygraph test basically picks up when your body deviates from the baseline that the control questions established!

(So a great way of beating a polygraph test is to put a little tack in your shoe and at the beginning when they ask you the control questions, step down on the tack- this will automatically up your pulse rate, so later when you are lying and your pulse is high, they will assume that you aren’t lying and that you are just naturally nervous! This was the trick they did in Oceans Thirteen, but it’s an old trick lol. Cool no? Now you can rob banks and get away with it. Glad I am adding something to the world.

(Another way is to learn to believe your own lies…but that’s for another article).

So now, let’s talk about how to establish a baseline for somebody’s behavior.

Professional online poker players will routinely lose the first few hands so that way they can learn when their opponent is telling the truth or not. Since them losing forces the other person to show their cards, the skilled poker player is able to tell what the person’s baseline is when he is winning, and therefore later in the day when there is a deviation from that earlier baseline, he knows that his opponent is bluffing. This is called, forcing a baseline.

So when you are speaking with somebody, ask them questions that they have no reason to lie about. For instance, “What color was your first house?” and then watch their response. Ask several questions like this and it is establishing a baseline.

Try this trick: Tell somebody to think of three thoughts, 2 of the thoughts are going to be true and the other two are going to be false.

Now have them think about thought 1, thought 2 and thought 3… here is the trick: watch the eyes. Two times the eyes are going to go in one direction (the two true facts) and a third time the eyes will go in a different direction (the lie.) This is actually a really cute parlor trick once you have gotten the hang of it.
We will discuss this a bit more when we get into Eye Accessing Cues during Lying.

Another example is if a person is shaking their leg and then stops shaking it when they start telling you something, that is a deviation from the baseline and it is a good guess that they are lying. (this is a pretty popular one by the way.)

Quick Tricks to Telling Lies

Alright, here we go. There are some very quick ways to telling when somebody is fibbing or not. (I like the word fibbing. Don’t know why, sounds more fun don’t you agree?). So yes, fibbing.

So here we go, put a lot of these together and you will become a pretty good lie detector (combined with the other articles we have on telling lies!)

1. Touching the mouth, lips, ear, or nose.

When we are children and we tell a fib, we unconsciously send our hands to cover up our mouths. Which is why when a child is lying they will clamp their hands over their mouths, they realize that something evil is coming out of their mouth and they try to stop it.

However, as we get older we learn to control our hand movements. So that’s why a teenager when they are lying will sometimes rub their lips, grownups tend to touch their nose (called The Pinocchio Effect,) tug on their ear’s etc… Actually Johnny Depp happens to have a great tell that every time he is lying he itches his ear by slightly hitting it from the back. (Picked that up when I watched an interview with him…I later found out from a friend that works with him that he had been lying in the interview.)

2. Keeping eye contact

This is an interesting one. Many people believe that when we lie we actually break eye contact. But this is simply not true. Ask somebody what color their house is and watch as their eyes flit around searching for the necessary information. But when somebody lies, they have no reason to go looking for that information within their brains and will therefore hold eye contact.

Now, I would like to point how hard telling lies is. Some people, when they are lying will have different eye movements, (which I will get into in another article called, “Lying and Eye Accessing Cues” I am very original at coming up with names for my articles). Some people, will break eye contact, other people won’t. That’s why it is so important to establish a baseline!

3. Not making facial expressions

Think of a crooked car salesman. What comes to mind? Probably a guy in a tweed jacket with a big smile on his face. The truth is that we believe that somebody with a big smile on their face is lying when really the opposite is true! When we lie, we make as little facial expressions as possible since we don’t want to give away any possible indication to the person we are talking with that we are lying.

And here is the funny part. If you are actually lying to somebody, don’t make any facial expressions! Since we make the mistake of thinking that somebody who is lying is going to put on a big smile.

4. Excessive blinking

The amount that we blink is an indication of how much stress we are under. This is why when you are tired you tend to blink a lot, and it is the same thing when you are lying. You end up blinking a lot which is an indication of higher pulse rates.

Those are some quick tips that will allow you to start being able to tell whether somebody is telling the truth or not. In later articles we will be talking about eye accessing cues, telling through language, telling whether a story is true or not, explaining concepts such as leakage, facial expressions, and microexpressions. Basically everything you need so you are never lied to again! 

Is it Unethical to Persuade, Convince, or Influence Someone? Lets Debate!

I get several emails everyday usually talking about the same thing.

“using persuasion to make people buy something or do something is unethical”

Okay, so let’s have a good ol’ fashion debate about this.

Topic: Is it Unethical to Persuade, Convince, or Influence Someone?

Example: If you call someone out of the blue (cold call), and you are soliciting your product or service, is it wrong for you to “sell” someone on it, even if they don’t need it?

A Million Ways to Make a Million Dollars

No, I am not going to literally make a list of 1 million ways, but I will give you the secret to what most of them have in common. First, let’s get one thing straight. Do you really even want to become a millionaire? I mean, it is a lot of hard work.  You usually have to manage thousands of clients, orders, phone calls, meetings, sometimes payrolls, etc.  It sounds so tedious and annoying.  Isn’t the whole 9-5 routine a lot more comfortable?

The answer is yes, the 9-5 routine is indeed a lot more comfortable, which is why most people follow that path.  I can honestly say that most of you reading this want to become millionaires but are not willing to put the time and effort to be one.  You can even tell me that you want it and are willing to put the time and effort to making a million dollars, but you still won’t do it.  Is it genetic? Are millionaires born with a certain gene?  No, it is what your mind has been programmed to believe: you are not capable of making an immense amount of money.

No matter what industry you are in, what line of work you do, what skills or traits you have, making a million dollars is possible.  Consider this: Do you remember back in the day, maybe 5-10 years ago when most cars had antennas.  Fast food companies like Jack in the Box would give away free “Jack antenna balls” with the purchase of a certain meal. A guy by the name Jason Walls created a website called, you guessed it,  He became a millionaire by selling random antenna balls.

Another interesting idea was a gentleman who sold 1 million pixels on a webpage for $1 each.  He also became a millionaire with his odd and wacky idea.

So What Do They Have in Common?

Well it is not the weird unique ideas I am talking about because this whole article is about how you can turn almost anything into a million dollar idea. The answer is Persuasive Communication.

Persuasive Communication is does not necessarily have to be between you and someone else, it can be applied when communicating with yourself  Every day, you are battling it out within your mind about not being good enough, being capable of doing this, not capable giving up on this, staying strong with that etc.

Persuading Yourself on Yourself

Since becoming successful begins with you, it is important to convince yourself on your ideas.  Have you ever ‘pitched’ an idea to someone even though you only partially believed it?  What about the opposite, pitching an idea and standing as sturdy as a surfboard behind it? Obviously when you stand behind something with passion and power, you are more likely to get your point across.  So now the question is how do we do this? How do we persuade ourselves to be confident, to be irresistible, and to be unstoppable?

1. Scream like a Banshee

Even people who appear to be confident and powerful in public may have originally evolved from being fearful and nervous individuals.  A great method to train oneself to becoming confident is to do a pre-game scream session.   For example, if you have presentation featuring some big wigs that are there to breathe down your neck, prepare yourself before you go to work. Just go crazy, scream loud and passionately, jump up and down, use affirmations while you are screaming, yelling or speaking very loudly.  This may appear to be a joke, but it is not.  This method will easily be able to get you ‘psyched’ out.  Entertainers do this in their dresser room, professional athletes do this in their locker room, and business professionals do this at work, at home or even in the car.

2. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

I wrote an amazing article with a list of several questions you currently ask yourself and even more questions to replace them with. If you find yourself asking yourself questions like “why am I such a loser” or “why am I so shy”, then your mind will give you the answer. If that is how you are, will you ever become successful with money? Change your questions, change your life!

Persuading Others on You

Regardless to whether you are selling cars, shoes, or a house, the majority of the sale will be determined by what you say and do.  Your linguistical skills are what persuade someone to buy from you.  Yes you must sell yourself on yourself first and then it comes down to what you say and how you say it.  Remarkably, with much practice of knowing the right vocabulary and knowledge of how to speak persuasively, you will find yourself convincing and influencing more people faster.   Keep in mind, you are selling yourself EVERYWHERE you go.

Start Here

There are a lot of free resources available right here on persuasive dot net. Go back to the home  page or even take a look at the side bar for more techniques you can learn and apply.

You Thought You Had It Bad? From CEO to Pizza Delivery Guy

Ken Karpman has worked his way to the top by becoming a very successful CEO for a well established company. At his peak, Ken was making about $750,000 annually, an income that only small amount of people in the US population are capable of making. Ken lived the good life by buying the home of his dreams, traveling all over the world, and purchasing anything he wanted. He left his high paying job to start his own hedge fund company and take his career to the next level. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Ken wound up with over $500,000 in debt and is expected to be kicked out of his home within the next few months.

Since Ken has a wife and kids to support, he has resorted to being a pizza delivery guy making$7.29/hr plus tips. His family also receives about $500 in food stamps.

The economy has hit this man hard and stories like Ken have begun to appear more and more. I am not writing about Ken to give you information about how bad the economy is, I am telling you about Ken to show you that SHIT HAPPENS. You have a choice: you can either sulk in your losses and complain about how unfair your life is or you can get back to work (no matter how old you are) and make it happen!

There is no doubt in my mind that Ken will become successful again because a person like him knows how to keep his pride and ego in check and that the efforts of his hard work eventually paying off.

After watching this video about Ken, do you think you have it bad? Regardless of whether you do or not, tell me what your challenges are right now and how you plan on getting back on your feet.

Blogger Mindset 2.0: Inspire Yourself for Endless Ideas

The fastest way to learn something is by teaching it.  Since a lot of my readers are bloggers, I’ve received many requests on how to break a writers block.  In the beginning, you’re so excited about your new blog.  Your head is just filled with fresh new creative ideas bulging to leap onto your computer screen.  Then after a certain period of time, writers block! You scream to the top of your lungs, “What can I possibly write about now!!????”

For a few of you, money is rolling in and you can care less, that is until your residual income dips.  For most of you who don’t make money with blogs, it’s the step before you decide to call it a day and quit.  Thus becoming yet another statistic. The question is: what happened to your creative spark?  How are people able to write every day and here you are: stuck. Where’s the momentum? Where are the topics? What are people going to be interested in? And then after you finally figure out your next post, you got to write another one!

Change your Blogger Mindset

1. Read the stuff you hate

Certainly there are articles, books, magazines, that you hate.  Read them.  That way you get someone else’s perspective.  Even if you disagree with them, why not use that as an entry for your blog. “Why I think _______ is wrong about _________. “ Your blog is your opinion, feel free to disagree with others and explain as to why.

2. Let go of your ego

Many bloggers have this problem challenge.  Don’t ignore the little guys, instead, learn from them.  If you’re an old timer in the blogging world, there will always be a lot of fresh new hungry people full of valuable info that can help you strive. But if your ego is the way, then you’ll never be able to capitalize. What would of happened if the big guys ignored you when you first started?

3. Be comfortable being uncomfortable

I wrote a very popular article about this.  It simply talks about putting yourself in the most uncomfortable situation possible. Do at least 1 day.  I personally write my blogs based on what happens to me daily. Not about what I did, but usually of how my mind responded in a particular way. Doing uncomfortable things allow you to have creative breakthroughs. If you hate public speaking, and you did it, there would be an endless amount of new ideas you can now talk about. Before we experience a breakthrough, we’ll go through a breakdown. So remember if you’re feeling like it’s over, it might just be the time you’ll have a creative breakthrough that will almost magically give you that inspiration to move forward.

4. Remember your intent

Why did you start blogging?  To make money? To share your thoughts? Whatever it is, keep those in mind. If you looking to make money, then remember, making money online isn’t easy, just ask ShoemoneyJohn Chow, or Neil Patel, it took him years. If you want to share your thoughts, then give it a few days, live your life, and your creative spark will chime in.

Obviously becoming a successful blogger is just as hard as becoming a successful anything.  People will have their highs and lows throughout this journey, but your blogger mindset needs to be conditioned so you’ll be able to communicate your lows into highs in lesser durations.

Hopeful this makes sense and you are know inspired to take on this challenge of doing some if not all of the things listed above.

Obviously, reading this you can see that these strategies and techniques are applicable in your everyday life.

What ideas do you have to add to the mix?

32 Questions: 20 Empowering & 12, Not so Much

Persuasive Communication doesn’t only refer to how you communicate with others, it also refers to how you communicate to your self. To change the results you get, you start by taking control of how your mind thinks. This is done by asking yourself the right questions.

Changing you

Has there ever been a time when you told yourself, “Why can’t I do this” or “Why am I such a failure?” Your mind is created to function and tic a certain way. When you ask your mind a question, it will ALWAYS look for an answer. So by asking yourself negative questions, you’ll get negative answers. What I’m about to share with you CAN be something that will dramatically change your life forever.  Think about it, if you ask yourself negative questions, you get negative answers. So if you ask yourself positive questions, you get positive answers! Imagine if you asked yourself questions like, “How can I get stronger?” “How do I get smarter?” “What should I do to make money now?” Do you want to know the answers to those questions? I know I do which is why I ask myself those questions all the time! As I ask myself empowering questions, I eventually figure out the right answers.

Disempowering Questions

  • Why am I a loser?
  • Why does this always happen to me?
  • What is everyone against me?
  • How come no body likes me?
  • Why am I so shy?
  • Why don’t girls/guys like me?
  • Why doesn’t anyone like me?
  • Why can’t I be smarter?
  • Why am I always wrong?
  • Why do I always fail?
  • Why doesn’t anything good ever happen to me?
  • Why do I always get these problems?

If you notice carefully, a lot of the times when you ask yourself negative question, you tend to generalize. It’s as if you aren’t beating yourself up enough already, you have to lie to yourself to make you sound even more pathetic to yourself. This doesn’t have to happen; in fact it’s really easy to change. You know a great exercise you should do but probably won’t: write down all the negative questions you have in your mind. Spend some time and really think hard about every negative question you’ve asked yourself, vigorously write them all down. Now take that piece of paper and crumble it up. Flush it down the toilet, burn it, or just simply throw it away. Poof, now these questions have vanished away like smoke(literally if you burned it 😉 ).

Empowering Questions

  • What are my goals?
  • How do I become stronger?
  • How do I become smarter?
  • What must I say to be more persuasive?
  • Why am I such a powerful person?
  • Why am I amazing?
  • Why do I consider myself to be the best?
  • What makes me feel real good right now?
  • What do I really want out of my life
  • How do I solve this problem that I have?
  • Who can I talk with to help me grow?
  • What steps must I take to reach the outcome I want?
  • What should I do different next time?
  • What am I committed to right now?
  • Who’s in charge of me?
  • What can I learn from this experience?
  • How do I become more enthusiastic
  • How can make more money?
  • What should I do to live a healthier lifestyle?
  • How can I become more consciously aware of my life?

Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Start asking yourself questions like these everyday! I promise and guarantee that you’ll eventually figure out the answer. It’s better you figure out the answer to, “why am I powerful,” compared to, “why am I a loser?” Wouldn’t you agree?

There is an infinite number of empowering questions you can ask yourself so please enlighten me with what one of your new questions…

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

The 1970s and 80s were a boom-time in applied psychology. EST, TM and a host of other self-help and interpersonal relationship methods sprang up, took the spotlight for awhile and then died off. The roots of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) lie in this same fertile soil and the movement to explain and explore human interactions. Unlike the other, failed methodologies, NLP has survived and grown.

Googling the three letters, NLP, now produces more than 15 million hits. From an original idea of mapping communication, NLP has become a complete and useful science.
NLP is all around you, although it might be invisible now. When a commercial asks you to: ‘buy now’, ‘last chance’, ‘sign up today’, or ‘call now’ – that’s NLP in action. When a politician reads a compelling speech and pumps up his base – that’s NLP in use. Top executives use it and marketing agencies rely on it. Some of the best uses I have seen in practice are in infomercials and television evangelists. You can almost bet that whenever you found yourself drawn to buy or do something and whenever you have been strongly swayed toward a different point of view, NLP techniques were involved.

The What, How, and Why

What does neuro-linguistic programming stand for?

  • Neuro – refers to neurology, the mind, and the brain. It’s the workshop of NLP.
  • Linguistic – refers the language, verbal and other, that we use as a tool in this workshop.
  • Programming – highlights the ability to change (or program) with language – our minds and the minds of others.

Under the catch-all term NLP you will find many techniques to communicate, connect, and influence the way people think – what they think about and how they think about it.
How does NLP achieve this?

  • First, by understanding the underlying mechanisms of thought – where opinions and beliefs come from.
  • Next, by understanding the links between language and thoughts. This is done through modeling, or constructing relationships between what is said and the resulting actions.
  • Finally, by distilling important relationships and techniques into methods that can be taught.

Why is NLP in such demand today?

It became obvious that NLP was more than a simple self-help and communication technique. Business people (especially salesmen) quickly saw the potential and advantages of accessing communication at a deeper level. NLP became a way to influence and connect with a level of thinking unreachable before.