The 5 Most Persuasive People On Planet Earth

These persuasive communicators are so good, they’ll sell the shirt right off your back!

5. Donald Trump

Steve Jobs

He would fire his own mother if he had to. He was able to convince hundreds of investors to re-invest millions when he was down close to a billion.

4. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

“I did not have a sexual relationships with that women.”

3. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

You can’t help but to get excited just looking at this guy! Tony can easily sell ice to an Eskimo.  Tony is famous for selling you on why you should sell you.

2. Oprah

Oprah Winfrey

She mentions a book and it goes into the top 10. If she puts a book in the Oprah Book Club, it becomes the #1 best seller. She can also take any company and make it profitable within a a day by showing the company’s product on the ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ episode. This has been referred to as “The Oprah Effect

1. Barack Obama

Barack Obama

He convinced America about a “change”. Also has an Oprah like effect, but obviously much greater. Many persuasion experts believe Barack has undergone a tremendous amount of training with the art of persuasion.

44 thoughts on “The 5 Most Persuasive People On Planet Earth

  1. Melba Ann Williams

    The Donald is looking more like Ted Kennedy….yikes. I do admire him– who could be this successful if he were not super intelligent? I do admire also how he takes care of his children from his marriages where he left the Mom on the curb.

  2. WideAwakeInAmerica

    Obama is not persuasive. Over 50-million Americans voted against him even though they were not passionate about McCain. The 67-million whom DID vote for him don't even know who Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid happen to be… clueless sheep led to slaughter by the biased mass media news agencies. Credit NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, AP, REUTERS, and the New York Times for the very boring, TelePrompTer-reading Obama's success.

  3. some guy

    Wide awake in America??? You guys have been asleep at the wheel for years! Everybody has gone past you, and you're still oblivious to this…. Obama is the best thing that has happened to America since you lost the war.

  4. MilleniumFire

    I got my first Tony Robbins DVD this year and as blown away by how much sense he made and he comes across as a guy that you just couldn't argue with because he seems to have a logical answer for just about everything. The man is awesome.
    and even though i am Australian i have to agree with “some guy” about Barack Obama.

  5. Marco

    Yeah I reckon Obama has undertaken some training in the art of persuasion… but there’s no doubting he runs circles around anything Bush ever did. Cool page.

  6. jj_observations

    Obama's current support levels should tell you that he is sliding backwards down this list. Give those people on the list credit who can be persuasive for more than a few months before their star power started to fade….

  7. River

    Tony Robbins: 1.75 thumbs up (out of 2.00 of course).

    Obama? Acronym for “One Big Ass Mistake America”

  8. AJ Kumar

    I get waht your trying to say JJ, but Obama is in fact very persuasive, it's just that too many people bring their political view point into the picture.

  9. Polly Riglemon

    Obama and Oprah are awesome!! Oprah is an Angel/Goddess IMHO!! Obama, it is so wonderful to not be ashamed of my countries leader. He speaks w intelligence and an inner calm. Tony Robbins is an amazing speaker he inspires me. Now the guy w the funny hair, idk what his appeal is, I just can't see it. I dont question his power I just don't see what the appeal is? I do agree that he is a really good parent. CLinton is a schmoozer, he is smart, intellegent and morally bankrupt, LOL!!

  10. John Kooz

    1st three, yes. agreed. #2 ??? if persuasive, subtly persuasive and #1….possibly. if you count positively inspiring as persuasive. I think Obama is less persuasive than he is someone who just outright makes changes. He kind of bypasses “persuasion” and just makes changes…which at some level could be the apex of persuasion, but it's not, it's really something different at that level. transcended.

  11. AJ Kumar

    Hey John, #2 Oprah went from nothing to everything. She is one of the few people in the world that can turn anyone into an instant millionaire overnight all by telling you to buy something.

    If you listen to Obama's speeches or even break them apart, you'll notice that he uses a lot of the language patterns from NLP. He knows what he's doing and it works real well.

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  18. Robert Schryvers

    As a Hypnotist and NLP practitioner myself, I enjoy watching all of these influencers and discovereing how they do what they do. I also wanted to add the postumous mention of Ronald Reagan as well.


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