Think It, Act It, Become It

By the time he was 13-years-old, Steven Spielberg knew he wanted to be a movie director.  When he was 17, he visited Universal Studios as a tourist. Too much for him to handle, he sneaked away from the group and onto a sound stage where a movie was being filmed.  Finding the head of the film editing department, the young Spielberg talked to him about making films. The next day, Spielberg put on a suit, borrowed his father’s briefcase, and walked onto the lot as if he belonged there. He found an abandoned trailer and painted Steven Spielberg, Director on the door.  He spent his entire summer working on the lot and learning everything he could about the movie-making business.

In time, Spielberg became a studio regular, produced a short film, and eventually was offered a seven-year contract. Knowing what you want and pursuing it with great passion will help you to become that.  Since your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine your results, it makes perfect sense that a positive outcome is affected by a positive attitude.  The most powerful words you can speak are the ones you say to yourself.  I have developed a three-step plan to help you stay motivated and inspire you to create your future.  I call it the T.A.B. Plan.  (I like to use acronyms because it helps me to remember each step.)  Think It, Act It, Become It.  This three-step plan works for everything you do.


Anything you can conceive, you can achieve. The very moment your mind conjures up an image, a dream, a visualization, you are one step closer to making that become a reality. When you have these thoughts, you are setting a plan into action. You have the ability to create anything. The more you talk about your plan and the more people you tell, the more real it becomes. Imagine that you want to become a millionaire. I had a goal to be a millionaire by the age of 25 and I achieved it. How did I do it? I started to create that thought process of what it would be like. I started to talk about it and constantly tell people I was going to be a millionaire. In fact, I told people so often they actually began to believe me. I asked myself, “What are the characteristics of a millionaire?” I had to think about my belief structures that would support my desire. I asked myself important questions that would affect my achievement. Would I have to conquer my fear of public speaking? Would I have to learn how to be very good on the phone? What would I have to become as a person to become a millionaire and be that successful? I had to get my thought process in motion on all of these questions in order to have a clear vision of what I wanted.


Once you’ve set the plan in motion by creating a goal, you’ve got to move on to step two.  You have to believe that your goal is simply your future spoken out loud today.  Start living your life as if that goal was, in fact, a reality that very minute.  Everything you do must reflect your desire.  For me, step two required me that I start acting as if I was already a millionaire.  I started to imagine and pretend and visualize as if I was the pinnacle of success. I acted like I was the top income earner at my company.  When you act it, all of your actions will reflect that you are really a millionaire.   If you want to be the best, you have to have the characteristics of being the best.  Show up early.  Be on time.  Take better notes.  Read more books.  Go the extra mile.  Why?  Because that’s what someone who is at the top would do.


Once you’ve thought about it, set your goal, and start to live your life as if that were the way things really are. Ultimately you become it. People see you in that way because you have total self-belief that is real. I became a successful millionaire by age 25, meeting my goal, and even surpassing it.

How “It” Changed My life

When I started to practice the three principles of the T.A.B. Plan, everything I did seemed clearer and more achievable. That is the true power of the spoken word. It is every aspect of who you are and what you become. When we started our Company , we set our first goal to be a $100 million dollar-a-year company and to impact 100,000 lives. The first time I stated this goal was in front of 350 people at our convention in Las Vegas. No other network marketing company in the history of the business had ever reached this goal. I had only heard of one other company that had set their sights so high. I had heard (though never actually confirmed) that another company had accomplished this goal, and I believed that if they could do that so could we. It wasn’t until after we achieved this dream that I found out that this other company had never really hit their goal. In fact, they’ve since gone out of business. I had established our goal on a false belief that it was possible. In the end, it was possible because I believed that we could make it happen. That we had the power to make this seemingly impossible goal, real. I got up on stage that day and I spoke those words, and this was the biggest dream I could think of at that moment in my life. My mother’s words, “Dream big dreams, small dreams have no magic” were running wildly through my head. That commitment, those few words, started everything in motion that has became our reality.

Everyone who attended that convention was talking about it when they left, and they told everyone they knew. I knew that we would have to apply the principles of T.A.B. because almost everyone thought we were crazy. That such a huge goal was, well, impossible. I knew if I could get them at least thinking about it, that eventually I could get them believing it. And if I could get them believing it, I knew we would become it. Even my uncle, a member of my own family, thought we were aiming just a little too high. When I walked out of the auditorium that day, he was standing with some people and they were guessing where we actually would be in two years. My uncle was pretty sure we’d be doing $4 million a month, but we had to be at $8 million to make our dream a reality. I pulled my uncle aside and I said to him, If you’re going to be on our team, your answer needs to be congruent with our goal – $100 million a year, $8 million a month. Believe it, speak it, and soon you will develop that belief. From that day forward, everyone in the company was taking about our goal. Even though we only had four employees at the time, we had them put stickers on their computers in the office that read “We’re is doing $8 million a month by this date.” And you know what? We met that goal in our 13th month of business, 11 months early, and we made history by becoming one of  the fastest growing company in the industry.  Not bad!

About the Author: Jason Boreyko was the CEO & Co-Founder of a startup company in Scottsdale, AZ which grew into a $220 Million Dollar a year business with over one million distributors, created 40 Millionaires and generated over $350,000,000 in commissions for its members.

17 thoughts on “Think It, Act It, Become It

  1. Jacques Groenewald

    Hey man… been friends with you on stumbleupon for quite a while now and i see you have befriended John from Potpolitics too. LoL! Anyway cool blog and i'll pop by more often from now on. Keep em coming. Talk to you soon

  2. Yehuda Neuman

    Great article. Loved the Spielberg analogy. Just a quick note- studies have shown that you will actually change your behavior depending on how you act. So the old saying has been proven psychologically true: “Clothes make the man”. as well as my grandmothers saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!”

    I cannot stress how important an idea that is! Just by dressing hte part you will not only be treated the way you are dressed but you will further ACT the way you are dressed!

    Great article.

  3. Carla

    Love this article. Its one I am going to read over and over! Its so true that if you cant feel what you want to be or what you want out of life, its not going to happen.

  4. Jason

    Dressing for success is the key to getting ahead! Always make sure you have a great pair of shoes!

    Looking Sharp!


  5. Jason

    That great advice, After writing the article I've been telling myself, i did it once I can do it again. I'm now foucsed on building another 100 million dollar company, all things are possible.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


  6. AJ Kumar

    I heard an interesting concept from Yehuda about people focusing on the back of your shoes as you walk away. The back of one's shoe depicts how clean you are in your life or something. I guess that's for another post 😉

  7. Celes |

    I've read this story about Steven Spielberg before elsewhere – really inspiring. However, it seems that this was actually an exaggerated story Steven told to romanticize how he came to achieve his dream. The supposed 'real' story was Steven already had an internship there thanks to his dad, vs. him entering the studio and pretending he worked there. Nonetheless, it's still an incredible feat how he rose to his level of success today – definitely a lot that all of us can take away from!

  8. AJ Kumar

    That's interesting Celes, I'll have to look into that. Regardless, like you said, he definitely went from almost nothing to being the best.

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