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You Thought You Had It Bad? From CEO to Pizza Delivery Guy

Ken Karpman has worked his way to the top by becoming a very successful CEO for a well established company. At his peak, Ken was making about $750,000 annually, an income that only small amount of people in the US population are capable of making. Ken lived the good life by buying the home of his dreams, traveling all over the world, and purchasing anything he wanted. He left his high paying job to start his own hedge fund company and take his career to the next level. Due to a series of unfortunate events, Ken wound up with over $500,000 in debt and is expected to be kicked out of his home within the next few months.

Since Ken has a wife and kids to support, he has resorted to being a pizza delivery guy making$7.29/hr plus tips. His family also receives about $500 in food stamps.

The economy has hit this man hard and stories like Ken have begun to appear more and more. I am not writing about Ken to give you information about how bad the economy is, I am telling you about Ken to show you that SHIT HAPPENS. You have a choice: you can either sulk in your losses and complain about how unfair your life is or you can get back to work (no matter how old you are) and make it happen!

There is no doubt in my mind that Ken will become successful again because a person like him knows how to keep his pride and ego in check and that the efforts of his hard work eventually paying off.

After watching this video about Ken, do you think you have it bad? Regardless of whether you do or not, tell me what your challenges are right now and how you plan on getting back on your feet.