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Blogger Mindset 2.0: Inspire Yourself for Endless Ideas

The fastest way to learn something is by teaching it.  Since a lot of my readers are bloggers, I’ve received many requests on how to break a writers block.  In the beginning, you’re so excited about your new blog.  Your head is just filled with fresh new creative ideas bulging to leap onto your computer screen.  Then after a certain period of time, writers block! You scream to the top of your lungs, “What can I possibly write about now!!????”

For a few of you, money is rolling in and you can care less, that is until your residual income dips.  For most of you who don’t make money with blogs, it’s the step before you decide to call it a day and quit.  Thus becoming yet another statistic. The question is: what happened to your creative spark?  How are people able to write every day and here you are: stuck. Where’s the momentum? Where are the topics? What are people going to be interested in? And then after you finally figure out your next post, you got to write another one!

Change your Blogger Mindset

1. Read the stuff you hate

Certainly there are articles, books, magazines, that you hate.  Read them.  That way you get someone else’s perspective.  Even if you disagree with them, why not use that as an entry for your blog. “Why I think _______ is wrong about _________. “ Your blog is your opinion, feel free to disagree with others and explain as to why.

2. Let go of your ego

Many bloggers have this problem challenge.  Don’t ignore the little guys, instead, learn from them.  If you’re an old timer in the blogging world, there will always be a lot of fresh new hungry people full of valuable info that can help you strive. But if your ego is the way, then you’ll never be able to capitalize. What would of happened if the big guys ignored you when you first started?

3. Be comfortable being uncomfortable

I wrote a very popular article about this.  It simply talks about putting yourself in the most uncomfortable situation possible. Do at least 1 day.  I personally write my blogs based on what happens to me daily. Not about what I did, but usually of how my mind responded in a particular way. Doing uncomfortable things allow you to have creative breakthroughs. If you hate public speaking, and you did it, there would be an endless amount of new ideas you can now talk about. Before we experience a breakthrough, we’ll go through a breakdown. So remember if you’re feeling like it’s over, it might just be the time you’ll have a creative breakthrough that will almost magically give you that inspiration to move forward.

4. Remember your intent

Why did you start blogging?  To make money? To share your thoughts? Whatever it is, keep those in mind. If you looking to make money, then remember, making money online isn’t easy, just ask ShoemoneyJohn Chow, or Neil Patel, it took him years. If you want to share your thoughts, then give it a few days, live your life, and your creative spark will chime in.

Obviously becoming a successful blogger is just as hard as becoming a successful anything.  People will have their highs and lows throughout this journey, but your blogger mindset needs to be conditioned so you’ll be able to communicate your lows into highs in lesser durations.

Hopeful this makes sense and you are know inspired to take on this challenge of doing some if not all of the things listed above.

Obviously, reading this you can see that these strategies and techniques are applicable in your everyday life.

What ideas do you have to add to the mix?