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The Analytical Personality Type

Analytical Personality Type

Knowing what kind of personality type someone is can be a major advantage in building rapport, closing a deal, or networking. The hardest part isn’t learning about how to tell who is what, but rather how to use subconscious versatility at any given time.

What I mean by this is being able to interact with people, instantly figuring out which personality type they are, then automatically adjusting who you are to communicate with them.

Can you imagine how many new powerful connections you can make? The more people who feel comfortable around you, the more chances you have in-exponentially increasing your business.

How Analyticals  People Work

People who have the Analytical personality type usually appear to be very intelligent, nerdy, or systematical. I’m not saying that all analytical are smart or technologically advanced, although many of them are, but that most pay close attention to the smallest details.

You’ll also find that many Analyticals wear glasses because their eyes are vigorously reading and analyzing data faster than most resulting in their eyes wearing out quicker.  

Analyticals are people who, like Drivers, have little to no emotion, yet unlike Drivers or Expressives, make decisions slowly and with much second thought.

  • Sees overt emotion as a weakness and something to distrust.
  • Needs facts, numbers, and details. Will seek out more information.
  • Usually known for being a perfectionist, hates to make errors. Doesn’t forgive mistakes easily in themselves or others. Seen as intolerant.
  • Great problem solving skills. Wants to be admired for their problem solving abilities.
  • Likes organization and structure. Will sometimes hold to ‘rules’ even when results suffer.
  • Soft voice, reserved. Not directly confrontational. Lets the data speak for itself. Expects others to agree based on facts and logical arguments.
  • Gets frustrated when people don’t see ‘the right answer’ as clearly as they do.
  • Usually doesn’t get bored – internal life (thinking about ‘stuff’) keeps them occupied when outside stimulus is low.

Analyticals are usually pretty easy to spot because of their neatness, structure, and sensitivity of minute detail. Dealing with an Analytical sounds quite simple, but actually requires you to provide an extensive amount of data, graphs, references, and anything else with numbers, facts, and figures.

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