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Size Matters, Small is the New Big

In NASA, the smallest miscalculation can cause a fatal disaster. Being a slight degree off, 1/100 of inch, can lead a space shuttle in a completely different direction. The power of small is a phrase I use that means the smallest adjustment can make an enormous of change. This is obviously the negative side of it. However, since we already understand the power of perception, we know that with every negative, there is always a positive. If you haven’t already, you are about to realize that a small change can also impact you in a tremendously positive way.

I had a friend in college who had the potential of being a fantastic golfer, except he lacked direction. He had a powerful swing that can launch a ball into outer space ;). Unfortunately, outer space wasn’t the hole, therefore his talent was being wasted. His coach started to spend some extra time working on the way he held his golf club before and during his swing. Turns out that he cocked his wrist slightly on his way down to hit the ball. The slight change sent the ball in the complete wrong direction. His coach made him realize his the answer to becoming a better golfer was a small shift in his grip. Finally, he learned to slightly shift the club in the right direction, allowing him to control where the ball goes.

Right now, you are probably in a position where you are trying to make money in your career or business, mastering a skill, or just improving your overall personal development. Most of you are not happy with where you’re at right now or else you wouldn’t be browsing the internet to find blogs like mine for a solution. Some of you may say, “AJ you’re wrong, I’m happy with where I’m at right now and I just want to do better.” Well, the fact that you’re looking to do or be better than you currently are says to me that you’re not happy and you want to make a positive change. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. It’s absolutely amazing that you want to grow, especially considering that most people are just too lazy to search for an answer in the first place.

Wait a second…
Here is what I don’t want to do: I don’t want to change your entire way of being and doing, especially if what you’re doing is working. Some great advice that I’ve gotten once is that you should never change what you’re doing if it’s working for you, just add to it.

What I want you to do: I want to you to read my blog and create small incremental add-ons in your life that will allow big and major changes to occur over time. A great example would be for someone who goes to the gym; You don’t go from benching 135lbs to 225lbs after 1 set, you go through everything in between.

Here are some examples of you small incremental changes can become tremendously positive changes over time.


Eliminate soda

1 can of soda is roughly 140 calories. Over the course of a year, if you drink 1 a day, that’s over 51,000 calories! That’s about 14 pounds!

Hold the Mayo!

When you eat a sandwich, avoid the mayo and you’ll save around 100 calories and 10 grams of fat. Stick with mustard instead.


Having a glass of water in the morning and before you go to bed can easily help you shed off a few pounds

Business/ Career


If you need business, if you want to make money, then it is up to you to go get it. Start talking to people, making cold calls, door knock, etc. Calling 100 people a day will give you 10-15 contacts you can speak to. Out of the 10-15 contacts, 3-5 will be interested, and out of the 3-5, 0-1 might be. Now take this over the course of 1 year. And you’ll get hundreds of sales. Calling is just a few hours worth of work!

Learn and apply

Apply 1 new technique you learn from personal development into your career each day. This can lead to insightful achievements toward your success.

Read 1 book a month

I’ve written about this before: usually books on personal development contain experiences of someone’s life over the course of 10+ years. That means you’ll gain over 120+years of knowledge in just 1 year.
A good idea would be for you to ask a friend to hold you accountable and examine something your trying to do. You will more than likely not be able to see some of the small changes you probably need to make. Do the same with them!

Now that you’re consciously aware of the Power of Small, how will you take advantage of this type of mindset?