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Have You Seen My Swag?

The obvious question is what the hell is swag? Urban Dictionary defines swag or swagger as: appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves. From pop icons to public figures, swag is what will allow one to have a magnetic effect on the people around them. Regardless of how the word was coined, it denotes a meaningful concept. Swag is simply having more than enough confidence in yourself, but not too much that it becomes arrogance.

Swag in Your Business

Have you ever met a person who you thought was really, for a lack of a better word, cool? A person so cool that in your mind you could not help but to say, “wow!” Now imagine that person making business deals, negotiating with clients, speaking in front of large groups. Do you think they can have a more profound effect on the people they speak to then you? Yes! The obvious question: why? People want to do business with people who feel confident about themselves.

If you do not believe in yourself, why should other people, right?

Has there ever been a time when you were not feeling at the top of your game and you instantly noticed the wrong people being attracted to you? By ‘attracted to you’ I do not mean in a sexual connotation, I mean as far as business, friendship, or just as a human being. Trust me, it happens to everyone several times throughout their life.

It is very similar to having charisma and that magnetic attraction, people are automatically drawn to be around you.

The more the people that want to be around you the less resistance you will get from potential prospects. Having swag in others helps you close deals with less effort and energy on your part.

Swag in Your Relationships (small excerpt)

Women dig guys who have swag. Regardless of money, if you can carry yourself with swag, then you can have almost any women out there. Take a guy like Tom Leykis who is clearly not a good looking guy, but he does have swag. Even if he was dead broke, he can still get almost any women he wants.

Swag is not only for men, women with swag also prosper. Women who have swag tend to attract much better quality guys. Too many women unfortunately end up with losers am I right ladies? Some of you women could care less, but I can easily bet a majority of women want the good quality guys. Carry yourself well with confidence (swag) and you will start to notice that your subconsciously weeding through most of the jerks.

How do you get “Swag”?

The simple solution is: be an actor. No I do not mean being an actor like on TV or in the movies, I mean ‘act as if’:

  • you are successful
  • you always get what you want
  • you love yourself
  • you feel secure
  • you can do anything you set your mind to
  • it is never too late
  • anything is possible
  • people like you

Even if you do not believe in the above said, pretend that you do. It does not matter if your swag is fake because you will sooner or later subconsciously believe it to be true, which is what counts. Fake it till you make it.

A few more techniques to portray swag:

  • Posture – Simply standing up tall and straight does a lot to a person’s swag. Who knew that all your mom’s nagging about standing up straight was true. Then continue using a strong posture as you move or walk around.

“Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I’m a woman’s man: no time to talk…”

  • Speaking – speak with confidence and believe everything you say to be true. Too many “ums”, “ers,” and any other 2 letter word you use when speak can decrease your swag tremendously. Act as if you are a cop and speak with conviction.
  • Dress – invest in yourself by buying clothes that actually fit. “You look good you feel good” goes a long way. Tailors are your new friend!

Swag is really just a new word of being confident, powerful, and charismatic.  If you can convince yourself to have swag right now, you will almost instantly see a difference in your personal and business life.

Do you have swag? If you do not, then act as if you do for a few days and tell me the difference of how life begins to revolve around you.