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Why Make Mistakes, Learn From Someone Else’s Experiences

Almost everyone I know has told me a story about how they lost a lot of money and regret some of the decisions they have made in the past.  I used to think like this all the time before I became consciously aware of what it does.  Regretting decisions we’ve made in the past is like driving a car while looking at the rear view mirror.  Have you ever said that you would have $x more dollars today if you changed something you did in the past?

Who you are today, is because of the decisions you’ve made in the past. Who you will be in the future, will be determined by what you do now. Obviously, if I didn’t go through the mess I went through in the last 2 years, I wouldn’t be in the great situation I am in today.

My good friend Neil Patel wrote an article about the mistakes he’s made in the past.  The mistakes he’s made have more meaning than just mistakes he’s made.  The mistakes he’s made can also be mistakes you make now or in the future which can cost you a lot of time and money.  Most people know about learning from other people’s experiences but don’t.  Getting rich overnight usually doesn’t happen (as I explained in the snowball effect), it’s all about the learning experiences.  Now imagine if you ran your business, job, or whatever it is that you’re working on, with knowledge of almost every obstacle that can get in your way.  Would you be able to reach your destination a lot faster? It’s like knowing the answers to a test before you take it!  Wouldn’t that save you money you potentially could lose?

Learn from other people’s experiences:

  • Read blogs
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Friends/family
  • Online (infinite articles on experiences)
  • Books

Look at it like this:  Let’s say, you find books of famous successful people who have done or achieved greatness.  They might sum up their entire life of experiences within a 200 or so page book.  You’ll be getting 30+ years of life experiences in your mind within a few hours.  So if you read a book about someone’s 30 years of life experiences each month for 1 year, that’s 360 years of life experience under your belt.  Do you think you’d be able to walk around some potential mistakes you might make?

Tell us some of the mistakes you made so we can learn from them 🙂