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Take a Few Steps Back for Every Giant Leap Forward

It is quite apparent to almost everyone: times are tough. This may not be the case for some, but it is definitely the case for most people, especially here in the United States. So what does all this mean? This not so good economy can be perceived in 2 ways. You can view our current economic situation as ‘the worst thing that can ever happen’ or you can also view it as ‘your chance to make it big’.

The Worse Thing That Can Ever Happen

Unfortunately, most people will begin or have already began to perceive our current economic situation in this negative way. People who have this perception usually say things like:

  • “There aren’t any opportunities…”
  • “The US economy is terrible right now…”
  • “Everyone is having a hard time…”
  • “Who knows when this thing will turn around…”

You get the point…

These are people who do not understand that regardless of whether the economy is good or bad, it is still a pretty equal playing field. What I mean by that is most people face the same challenges you face with no advantage in particular. The economy has not slowed down for just you, it slowed down for everyone.

People with this perception also have a tendency to become lazy, frustrated, angry, and depressed. All negative feelings that not only prevent you from personal growth, but they also prevent you from achieving success.

Let me tell you that these negative feelings do happen to the best of us, but the difference between the two types is that your chance to make it big’ people are able to better communicate positivity and action to their minds.

Your Chance to Make it Big

Luckily, some people have more control over their thoughts than others which allows them to have a much more positive and in some cases profitable perspective than others. Even though the economy is challenging, this group tends to view it as their chance to make it big. These people say things like:

  • “I’m going to work my butt off…”
  • “It’s my time to shine…”
  • “While everyone is wallowing in their misery, I’m going to make it happen…”

Big difference in the way they speak huh?

The reality of our current situation is that during times likes these, people put their creativity on ‘high’ allowing them to create more and more ways of becoming successful and prosperous.

Take a Few Steps Back for Every Giant Leap Forward

I originally re-reminded of this idea when I read Tom Gorecki’s Blog on “Are your parents doing more harm than good” Now given the topic is a bit different, but the message most definitely applies. To those who are suffered with the challenges of moving back in with mom and dad, I say do it.  This is something I define as taking a few steps backward. For those who can, it is totally worth moving back in with your parents to save a thousands of dollars a month.  That money you save can be used to help you make more money. Once you have more money to play with, you can learn the ideology of using your money to make you more money. My friend Neil Patel is a Internet mogul and is proud to live with his parents!

The time for you to work hard is right now. By you working hard and taking those few steps backwards will help you take some giant leaps forward as the economy starts to turn around. I always say that if you can become successful in or during this economic situation, you will able to succeed anywhere no matter what. That is a pretty bold statement and should not be taken lightly.

How to Take a few steps back

  • moving in with someone
  • stop spending money on ‘wants’
  • cut out traveling
  • start studying and learning (investing time)
  • limit taking days off
  • taking on a part time job
  • taking a pay cut

It is usually hard for people to take a few steps back because they automatically begin to think each step backwards is negative. If you take a look at almost all of the successful people in this world, most of them had to take several steps backwards various times throughout their life in order for them to get where they are at today.

Work While Others Sleep

Now you do not have to take this in literal terminology, but it would be in your best benefit to spend more of your time working both on your business AND in your business. Working in your business means that you are developing new business while working on your business is honing in on your skills. For example, working on your persuasive communication to learn the language of persuasion. Being able to communicate effectively is working on your business.

I cannot tell you enough that if you are spending your time moping about why all this is happening to you, why you got laid off, why you are not getting paid as much, why are you getting all these bills that you cannot afford, you are heading down the wrong path.


Change the questions you ask yourself.


Write a 90 day plan of action and follow


If you have extra time, and even if you do not, make extra time and work on your business

Giant Leaps

You want to take giant leaps, then be comfortable with setbacks. Imagine yourself as a slingshot. In order for the slingshot to work, you must pull it as back as you can. After you let it go, it can launch something 100x the distance you pulled back.

Decide right now to be comfortable taking a few steps back because it can help you go 100 steps forward.

Which direction are you stepping towards right now?