The Magic of a Handshake

Your handshake can say a lot about you. Have you ever had a time when you went to go shake someone’s hand and immediately felt confused with what angle you should be at, how hard you should or how many pumps you should do? Take a look at this video:

3 thoughts on “The Magic of a Handshake

  1. KareAnderson

    We are in sync and mirroring when we shake hands – and when we walk together. In so doing our vital signs (eye pupil dilation, skin temp. etc.) become more alike. At a primitive level we are more likely to like people who are like us. Reducing the differences between us increases our likeability

  2. Emily

    I knew that handshakes were very important in how we thought about people, but I had no idea that they were THAT important! Thanks for the information.


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