Go to the Next Level Like an Airplane

Take OffWhen an airplane takes off from the ground to cruise mode, it exerts more energy then the entire flight. By energy, I mean that the engines work a lot harder then when the plane is leveled off in the sky or landing. When you start a business or a skill set you wish to master, you must spend most of your time and energy making it successful. Once the plane gets to the altitude it wants, it will level off, in which there is just smooth sailing so to speak. Once your business has become as successful as you’d like it to be, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy what you’ve created. When the airplane goes into a higher altitude, it again uses all of its engines and exerts more energy. In your business or skill set, if you want take yourself to the “next level”, then you must again put more time and energy in order to grow.

I had this conversation with my friend Neil Patel during a lunch a few weeks ago. He worked his butt off for several years before he made it big on the web. Now he teaches people the power of branding and becoming successful. We recently discovered that he came into his version of cruise mode. I told him about the airplane analogy upon which he agreed that he has indeed leveled off. He quickly became compelled and instantly started working on various new projects and multiple ventures involving investing.

I haven’t even taken off yet

Most of you reading this will be at the level of an airplane taking off. Like in most businesses, most of you will quit because you’re scared, you’re lazy, or you just don’t think you have what it takes. Like Jeremy Schoemaker said in his last post Seven Deadly Sins.., all these are just excuses! If you really want it, then go get it! If you are looking to blog your way to success, do it! If you want to start a company but don’t have the funds, then learn the power of persuasive communication and figure out a way to sell yourself.

I’m comfortable

For those who think you’re in smooth sailing mode, think again. The world is fast paced and changing environment. If you’re not growing you are dying, not literally, but mentally and socially. When it comes to a business or a skill set, the only thing you should be comfortable with is being uncomfortable. This is because when you’re uncomfortable you grow. If you decide to relax now, it won’t be long before your competitors catch up. Take advantage of your success and use it as leverage to take yourself to the next level.

If you’re in take off mode…what are you doing to make it work?

If you’re comfortable with where you’re at, what are some ways you can decide on RIGHT NOW to become uncomfortable to help you grow?

17 thoughts on “Go to the Next Level Like an Airplane

  1. Sushil Mayer

    Great Blog! I also like the choice of picture. It portrays the obvious topic (too lift off), and also shows the start of aviation pioneering. How the Wright Brothers envisioned the idea & executed it properly.

  2. Harnish


    It was good to meet you last night along with Neil. I work a full time job during the day and by the evenings and weekends I work for my own usability consulting company LotusBoost.com through which I consult clients here in LA. I give them easy to use web designs for their brand users and try to conjugate their requirements with what the users are looking to get from them. I am hoping I can generate enough revenue on the side that I would be able to leave my extremely well paying day job and do this full time along with pursuing my other passions: stocks, real estate etc.

    – Harnish

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    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Very True since competition is fierce. That is until you reach MASTERY, where you do nothing and have everything occur. This sounds good, but only a handful of people achieve this.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      This is why so many people are inconsistent in their success. One minute their making 10k a month, the other they’re down to 2k. Once they’re at 2k, they start working hard again. What people don’t realize is that when they choose this type of pad, they actually exerting MORE ENERGY whilst if they stayed consistent with working hard, it would be much easier.

  4. Ari Lestariono

    I like the metaphore and personifications about what success is all about, you are right our biggest obstacle is not our competitor it is laziest, dissappoinment, fear and anger etc.Like your motivation Kumar, I will be visiting regularly and give my comments to your blog

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  6. Jeff Harvin

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