Do you Believe in the Law of Attraction? Stop!

law of attraction

Ever since the movie The Secrete went mainstream, people started debating about whether the Law of Attraction really works or not.

I thought it was a fascinating movie that had a good intention, but it left out crucial elements that are necessary for the Law of Attraction to actually work.

The Law of Attraction simply states that if you focus on something (long enough) you will get it. Whether it be money, power, fame, the Law of Attraction will provide it for you.

I’ve been behind the scenes of the Personal Development industry, and when you’re behind the scenes of any industry, you begin to see a whole other side of things.

The Law of Attraction was packaged up nicely and presented to the public in a way that had them believe that the concept is so simple and required no work what so ever.

Now, do you really believe that you can sit on a couch, eat pizza, focus on pictures you cut out from Forbes magazine, and attract them in your life?

I will never say it’s impossible, but c’mon.

Newtons Third Law, the Law of Action. If you have no action, you have no reaction.

If the golf club doesn’t hit the golf ball, the ball isn’t going anywhere. No matter how hard you attract a hole in one.

The Law of Attraction works

There were several examples from my personal life that I use to explain the success I had with the Law of Attraction. I use to work for an amazing company called The Mike Ferry Organization where I would sell contracts for their coaching programs over the phone. I believed in their services 100% which is why I became so good at selling it. After learning about the Law of Attraction, I decided to take it out for a test run.

I was at the mall on day and saw these amazing Prada sunglasses. I’not one to usually binge on sunglasses since I lose them so easily, but hey, they were pretty sweet. So I found a picture, printed it out and started focusing on those glasses every single day for about 1 month. Now I didn’t just focus on it and hoped for it to happen, I was focusing on it, got excited and inspired every single day and took action by selling more contracts. That month turned out to be one of my better months because I made well over what I expected.

Everything I focused on wouldn’t have come true, if it wasn’t for me taking action on it. No action, no reaction. 

What’s your take on the Law of Attraction?

75 thoughts on “Do you Believe in the Law of Attraction? Stop!

  1. Marco Ayuso

    Great post AJ, although I parcially agree with you. It’s definitely much more than just thinking and visualizing.
    The thing is that when you really start to have conscious thoughts about what you want to create or attract, you literally change (I mean physically) and as a consequence of these change (thoughts), you start to have a new belief system, which determines a new attitude, which determines new actions, which give you different results(a.k.a what you wanted to create or attract)

    1. Ace

      Well put Marco. I will actually add that its important to write it down, your goals – that which one wants to attract.

      1. AJ Kumar Post author

        Yes, writing your goals and is the start and looking at them every day. This will keep your focus. It’s like when you drive a car and you’re staring the to the right, you’re call will drift toward that direction too.

  2. Balky

    I wonder if you ever went back and purchased the Pradas. I bet they are the ones in your portrait. I digress. Great post because I feel you touched base on what is really essential, ACTION. It’s one thing to believe and get motivated, but another to turn that motivation into ACTION. The principles to life never cease in relevance. Work smart, put in your honest effort and you shall reap your rewards. No shortcuts. Good on you AJ.

    On another note, they should do some study/survey or something with the subscribers to the secret and their achievements..

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Thanks Balky! I actually did purchase those pradas $350. I ended up giving them to my brother not too long after. Sunglasses are my weakness 🙂

  3. Ian Cleary

    Rather than the law of attraction is just really a matter of focus. You focus on the things you really want. With this focus you put in the in actions required to meet this goal so you are more likely to achieve it. Without the focus you don’t have a chance.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      It’s like getting a magnifying glass and trying to burn a piece of paper as a kid. Nothing happens unless you get the focus on the paper juuuuuussst right.

  4. Rocksta

    Law of Attraction will inspire you, give you an idea.
    Universe inspired you to sell more contracts.

    And yes, it DOES work that way: focus and eventually everything will fall into place, including delivering you an idea how to obtain something you wish for.

    Now you pissed me off with that article 😛

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      I never said the law of attraction doesn’t work. I simply said that you need to take action. It doesn’t have to be a couch. Rocksta, you can focus on getting a Ferrari all day long for 50 years, but aren’t going to get it by doing nothing at home. You will definitely SEE a lot of Ferrari’s mainly because your focusing on them. The LOA is a viewed in the wrong way for many people, which is why I wrote this article. So no need to be pissed because I never said it doesn’t work, it just needs action.

      Like you said, you can inspired with ideas etc. Yes you can, but you must take action with those ideas 🙂

  5. Jaky Astik

    Tell you what! I am using law of attraction for everything now. And if someone says that it’s not working, he’s a fake.

    I use it even for getting green signal at the traffic lights. Lol. I am in love with it now.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      hahaha! if it works for why change it right 😉 . I never said it doesn’t work, just said you need to add ACTION.

      All green lights …man I want drive everywhere with you!

  6. Chandan

    Hey Aj,

    I just stumbled upon your blog and find it to be very interesting. The law of attraction definatley works because I had the same experience in my life. I am a businessman and I had problems importing a particular item from China due to large quantity commitments. I took the picture of that product and put it up on my office table and in my bedroom and saw it everyday and everynight. Then somehow a local store went out of business and I got their entire inventory for less than what it would cost from China. Talk about law of Attraction 🙂

  7. Peter Philter

    You (Mr. Kumar) are touching something very important here. Almost as if you perceived something most people rather don’t want to think about. But it doesn’t seem “thought through”. The film certainly left out vital facts, and “newtons” third law (the law of reaping) was certainly one of the things that the “experts” seem to have missed, but not in the sense, Mr Kumar, describes above. In fact, if I remember correctly, they do argue that you must manifest your thoughts (emotions) in order for the results of the so called “law of attraction” (Law of development) to be successful. The… “the secret” is playing with forces that could do more damage than a nuclear explosion. It’s very important to keep in mind that all actions require reaping (reaction), and that every single penny acquired by using magic requires far more responsibility that coins acquired through hard work. Using the so called for own benefit often result in personal disaster. Why? Because we, most often than not, can’t handle the responsibility. But apply the Law to promote other peoples’ development, and you will acquire wealth that can not be measured in money.

    Peter Philter

    1. AJ Kumar

      Thanks for your input. My explanation above was not completely about the movie The Secret, it was more so what many people consider to be the “magic pill”. For every reaction is obviously caused by an action.

  8. Mila

    Well, I just read what you have written and I must say that I believed in this action reaction “thing” before without knowing it is present as a LOA. I do have one question. I applied recently for a scholarship and I am thinking about it everyday, reading everything connected to it, researching about that country, improving my English..but can I do something more?? Because my yearning for this exchange is immense and I truly believe that I could gain a lot for my future career and development.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Hi Mila,

      You did take action by applying for the scholarship, and like you wrote, reading, studying, researching etc. So with all this action that you are taking, you will get a reaction.

      Just one piece of advice (which are continuing to follow) do not just stop and hope for it to happen, continue doing what you are doing. 🙂

  9. Jeff

    This is a fascinating truth.

    This puzzled me for years!

    Why do people go to casinos?
    Buy scams?
    Join cult religions that are so whacky?

    Because they WANT what sounds too good to be true!

    All I have to do is bet correctly once and I’ll be rich!
    All I have to do is smoke, and I will be cool!
    All I have to do is buy John Dough’s Millions by Morning System, and I’ll be rich!
    All I have to do is join Obamazorastrianmorobabtisoptimism, and I’ll be loved!

    We all want an easy solution, and sometimes we get them,

    Weedwhippers, I love ’em, can’t oversell weedwhippers.

    No sir, if you have ever crawled around with clippers, edging the lawn, you know, weedwhippers are the way to go. Faster, neater and easier than clippers!

    Problem is, not every new product is a “weedwhipper” some products are just what you step in while you are on the lawn.

    The “Law of Attraction” in current form, has that color, smell and texture.

    Thanks for a look at that crap for behind the scenes!

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      hahah well said! Yes everyone is looking for the “easy” way out, which is why so many trainers/speakers pitch the law of attraction the way they do.

  10. Dave

    I think you’re all a bunch of right materialistic twats. “OOOh! Look at me! I wished for some f*cking Prada sunglasses and Jesus miracled a good sales month to me so I could buy them! Oh, la-dee-da and aren’t I the special one? The magic of the universe is at my f*cking beck and call. Prada for everyone!”

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      Hey Dave,

      Relax man, your acting childish. I didn’t just wish for the pradas or a good sales month and magically get them…I worked by butt of for em.

  11. misanthropope

    so your law of attraction works in precisely the circumstances where, if it DIDN’T, the effects would still be what you were hoping for?

    the god-botherers will be coming after you for patent infringement, if you’re not careful.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      well not exactly, the law of attraction opens up the right doors, but if one doesn’t take action, then nothing will happen.

      Infringement on what? This is all my opinion…

  12. Authority Networker

    Knowledge of the art of gentle persuasion is key for a business to attract more buyers. This is the concept behind attraction marketing, a new internet network marketing system where you develop ongoing relationships with clients by educating your buyers first and then moving them along the buying path in your communications. Prospects resist selling…the more you sell, the more people resist it. Attraction marketing enables you to bring in customers in a pleasant and streamlined manner. Integrating the attraction marketing formula into your business helps you develop personal relationships with your existing clients and become a person of value, so that they have the underlying feeling of attraction and want to come back for more. The results from using attraction marketing in your network marketing online campaign will be much more favorable than trying to hard-sell everything.

    1. AJ Kumar Post author

      So what your saying is kind of a residual effect? You don’t make much at first, but as you educate more and more readers, over time you will get more and more clients? I agree with you. And if I’m not mistaken, that’s how most blogs are able to sell their products….don’t you think?

  13. Jean Belmares

    I don't know for sure if I'm repeating what's already been said here, or simply too late but I think the law of attration is having faith that what you desire for is a possible reachable goal, thus making it worth hoping for and setting as a goal and working toward until you reach it. Put simply: You draw what you want to yourself by moving toward it! 😀

  14. Jkraj

    Dispresed person are with some disabled ability like ability of taking “actions”. and full of negative thoughts.
    They Some time Can't do bathing eating cleaning there own house etc They start dieing.
    So,word”Action” is Somewhat hard for them.
    word 'Action” only works for them when they have hope and have a positive mind bla bla bla.

    So, Once they get motivated, They start doing action needed. Action comes automatically if someone wants something in real they needed.
    So action and then reaction. They have there goals.

    But Some how I disagree with the NAME of law “law of attraction” Its for above thing and for being flashed in big market for just for profit. The NAME is a confusion.
    Its like they used a wire I already have which they folded here and there and now they telling me its a new wire.(I mean the same related blog etc)
    It should be “Law of focus” or Concentration”All of you learnt it in childhood Teacher said “Concentrate now and you will get good marks in exam.”

    In Spiritual way one can explain same law like:

    GOD giving you a lots of opportunity of everything.Love,Job,Things even death etc he he (You can't see a drop in a rain I believe)Because you are confused what you need.
    So you have to concentrate. It will filter out opportunities that you want and also because you are focus hard enough to get a job etc. It means (After filtering those few rain drops You can see them in slow motion) I believe if a cake is in front of you and you know you can get it you want it, you probably do a action. So no need to mention a action.

    another example,Consider this fantasy example
    I want a Ferrari.
    One day I got an ad in newspaper,It was about “get Ferrari in a cost of ordinary car price.”(limited offer)

    If I want Ferrari and concentrated to get it, means chances of getting news(Opportunity) early as possible.
    If I want a car only there are less chances.
    If I don't want a car , I may have skipped that ad,(bad lack)So No chance of getting it(Ferrari).

    So This is how law of attraction works which is actually “law of focus.”

    So,Lots of Unknown Opportunities,
    Concentrate and then Filter them,
    Focus feel them Slow motion
    Believe in Chance,First come First serve and Its all yours.

  15. AJ Kumar

    hmmm, I like where you are going with that and I couldn't agree with you more. It's true and I believe it becomes more of an obvious then when you think about something, you see it or come across it because its on your mind. Else, like everything, you would of just ignored it.

  16. Law of Attraction Coach

    This is true. You need to work hard for something to achieve it. That's why they say that thoughts alone cannot make the law of attraction work. You need to focus on your thoughts. Make it your goal, your passion. Put it into your heart. And work for it. You need to take action to make it work. Btw, This is a great post!

  17. Lladynski

    The Secret was based on a book “The Science of Getting Rich” there it is clearly written that the action is necessary to achieve what you want 🙂

  18. Clad Genius

    I’m impressed!! Really informative blog post here my friend. I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also nice colors on the layout, it’s really easy on the eyes.

  19. snes roms

    Good content. I just now discovered your site and needed to tell you that i have actually loved looking at your blog posts. Any way I will be opting-in to your food and also I hope you post once again soon.

  20. Nikki Haley

    Wow, I found this place on Yahoo poking around for something totally unrelated, and now I’m gonna have to go back and go through the old posts. So long my free time this morning, but this was a great find.

  21. shaun

    Its absolutely true. But the fact is that you have to act and focus on what you want. It’s needed to be understand that law of attraction needs a lot of support and from your side. Now sitting and resting on a couch throughout the day, watching attractive bodies of men/women on TV might attract you but it’s not that it will come running to you just feeling that you too have attractive body. You need to work for it and it shouldn’t be doubted or chore for you to get your dreams into real

  22. Jai Subramanian

    Hey, good blog!
    Well, it is the same as wishing people is possible in two ways:

    Wishing them the best of their LUCK


    Wishing them the best for all that they do.

    It is always better you choose the second. You don’t go to the exam centre, your luck doesn’t give a damn!

  23. Kate Price

    Newton’s 3rd Law:
    “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”

    I think the post author meant to refer to the 1st law:
    “Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed.”

    LIFE IS AN OPEN SECRET/THERE ARE NO “SECRETS”: It’s about action, not attraction. My room mate in college LOVED the secret/law of attraction, and she was hell-bent on using it for a difficult chemistry class.  She had affirmations and all kinds of other LOA type things she did. To her credit, she definitely did her best to remain true to whatever they teach in that book and video.Unforunately, she should’ve attracted her ass some actual CHEMISTRY problems. She miserably failed the test and the course. Obviously, the counter-argument people will use is that she obviously DIDN’T attract a good grade bc she failed at some level to remain diligent about the LOA. “Essential criteria [for a theory to hold scientific/objective weight]The defining characteristic of a scientific theory is that it makes falsifiable or testable predictions. The relevance and specificity of those predictions determine how potentially useful the theory is. A would-be theory that makes no predictions that can be observed is not a useful theory. Predictions not sufficiently specific to be tested are similarly not useful. In both cases, the term “theory” is hardly applicable.” point is that the LOA isn’t falsifiable. People make excuses when it doesn’t work out to reduce the cognitive dissonance that contradicting facts necessarily brings up. However, I will definitely say that I have absolutely no problem with someone using this at a spiritual level. I’d just say that you should think twice before hassling yourself with a set of cognitive habits that aren’t based on fact. Don’t over complicate things. If people enthusiastically purport to have a “secret” to life, they have ulterior motives that are usually financial (cults sometimes have sexual motives, to name another type of motive). If you want success, throw your heart and soul into ACTION and don’t let anything stop you.

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  25. Tomasz

    Good start, but here’s a link to a great article talking about how the self help industry made people helpless.

    Law of attraction using empowerment to tell people they can be anything they want, etc. So what people do is find someone they like that they want to follow and copy. Thus, they start to envy them like for example wanting to be Donald Trump.
    So what happens is they buy books and other material that makes it so easy to achieve it. They read it, try something and stop because it’s hard or its not working.

    I mean there is a lot more to be said about this but essentially the industry seems to make people act like sheep, just foolishly following the supposed leader.

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  28. Ric Aspen

    If your so-called Law of Attraction means using visualization techniques, then I suspect it is nothing more than a bunch of hooky-pook. Visualization and imagination are highly over-rated. It might be better to put one’s energy into seeing reality and dealing with that.

    There can be a certain undesirable willfulness involved in visualization which precludes the element of universal Love-Intelligence to let life work for us. Then we get bogged down in purely psychological issues. We need to lose the illusion that we can think.

    Visualization, and the use of imagination to attract what we want in life, originate from the ego, and therefore are very limited and not at all real.

  29. loveLife

    I’d like to say that action is not necessary. I ‘manifested’ a house, 100% paid for, and did not even leave my house at the time. I simply recieved a phone call, so maybe the ‘action’ you talked about was me picking up the phone?
    If so then yes I performed an action, but if you mean action as in I had to go out and ‘work’, then no, it is not necessary unless you believe that it is.

    I manifested my partner; I simply met them whilst I was out. I took no action such as actively looking, I simply asked ‘the universe’ or ‘source’ or ‘god’ or whatever you choose to believe ‘runs’ things.
    Everything is ‘action’, even simply sitting, or breathing is action, so I guess it depends on your definition of action.

    In my opinion, it’s all about belief. If you truly believe something, it will happen. Take a look inside yourself…what do you truly believe? What do you think about when your mind ‘wanders’?

    If you go to buy a lottery ticket and catch youreslf thinking “I probably won’t win, I never do’, then you WON’T win.
    If you find yourself thinking that your co-worker is annoying, chances are you believe that, and guess what…they are annoying. Instead, try catching them at a time when they not annoying, and make sure to think ‘See, they are not ALWAYS annoying, sometimes they are okay, in fact they are okay quite a bit’. The more you can do that, the less anoying they will become.

    Sometimes (not always) it is easier to start small.

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  31. Sofi

    The Secret was an excellent movie I viewed several times. But I must say it never left me with the idea that inaction or lying on a couch and just focussing on what you want is putting the LOA into operation. You don’t even need a vision board. What I took away from it was “energy flows where attention goes” and you need to focus on what you what to the exclusion of contradicting thoughts and feelings that sabotage our focus. Given the chattering minds and conflicting emotions that are prevalent this act of pure focus on what we want is very difficult to do because we are so distracted. So anyone who this this focussing on what you want and habituating it as a way of life is easy has got the LOA wrong. exclusion of contradicting thoughts and feelings. Given the chattering minds

  32. Kenji

    Great posts! I have a different belief in what they may call the “Law of Attraction”, however, I don’t believe it is a secret at all. It was there 2000 + years ago. Here it is….

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7
    Also, the “Law of Attraction” doesn’t work all the time. This is why…
    “And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong–you want only what will give you pleasure.” James 4:3
    Proof: Lets have everyone use the law of Attraction to win the Mega Million lottery and see what happens…
    I do agree that it is good to focus and stay positive because that creates a positive attitude which then creates self-motivation to go out and take action and persevere until you achieve your own goals. This is only my opinion so if you disagree or don’t believe in the scriptures I won’t take it personally. Just don’t get pissed off like the other guy. Peace!

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  34. louis cunningham

    Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog and I’m inspired! Very helpful info specifically the final section 🙂 I care for such information a lot. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  35. Amani

    Well. I actually believe in the low of attraction since it works great with me!
    I do live the life that I always imagined because the simple law of attraction: I focused, I visualized, I believed in my dreams, I believed that I can..
    and that all leads me to make actions which bring all your dreams on.


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