5 Steps to Reprogram Your Brain With NLP

Has there ever been a time in your life where someone said something to you that hurt you? Maybe it was someone really close, maybe not, but whatever was said still affects you today? Most people have had some kind of experience in their past that actually prevents them from getting the results they want now, in the present, which ultimately affects their life in the future. Fortunately, our minds are like VCR tapes, they can be recorded over on. You can literally replace an event that’s happened to you in the past with something different or modified.¬† Can you imagine how much less resistance you’ll have to move forward if that particular event didn’t affect you the way it did?

The following are the 5 steps that you need to go by to reprogram your brain. You can do this yourself, but it would much better if someone did it to you. I’ve written the steps like a script so you can just read it verbatim to yourself or when you do it to someone else.

Step 1

I want you to go back and experience the last 40 seconds of an event that has happened to you in the past that still negatively affects you today. I want you to see the person who is saying the things they are saying. I want you to hear the person who is saying the things that they are saying. I want you to feel the feeling that you felt when the person was saying those things. Close your eyes and begin…

  • What feelings did you get as you played the event in your head? Hurt? Sad? Angry?

Step 2

This time do the same as Step 1 with a few changes. I want you to think you are sitting in a movie theater and watching the event unfold on the movie screen. Change the following about the person who is saying the things that give you the negative feelings you get.

  • Change this person’s nose to a big red clown nose.
  • Change the voice of this person to sound like Mickey Mouse or the Chipmunks.
  • Picture this person picking their nose while talking.

When ready to play the movie, make sure that those three things are happening at the same time… Let’s play the movie!!

Step 3

Now let’s play the movie in slow motion. You see the big red clown’s nose and the person picking their nose. You also hear the Mickey Mouse or chipmunk voice as the person is saying the things this person said.

Step 4

I want you to float out of your movie seat and go sit by the projector. I want you to observe yourself sitting in the seat watching yourself on the big screen as the incident is playing. Everything is the same as step 2. The big red clown’s nose, Mickey Mouse or the Chipmunk’s voice and picking his or her nose while saying the things this person said. I want you to fast forward through the film.

Step 5

Now think of the same incident again. What feelings are you getting? Your sad, hurt, and angry feelings should be gone  and transformed into some kind of humor or amusement.

6 thoughts on “5 Steps to Reprogram Your Brain With NLP

  1. Jorayx

    So I got through Step 2 and BURST out laughing! I have never laughed like that over written internet text in my life!
    This is INCREDIBLY helpful! Thanks very much

  2. vegetable garden

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  3. Jorayx

    Find myself at this article again (bookmarked it) and that particular memory STILL makes me either laugh or smile.

  4. Xerxes

    Now I want to kill Bozo, Ronald McDonald, Krusty, Homey, Mickey Mouse, Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Chip, & Dale along with the SOBs who tortured me.


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