Use Conversational Hypnosis To Be More Persuasive

Would you like to have the ability to conversationally get people to access resourceful, happy and motivated emotional states? How about having the ability to blow out limiting and unhelpful beliefs through a quick conversation over coffee? If it were possible how would you feel about being able to attach good feelings to you, your products or services whilst simultaneously attaching bad feelings to your competitors?

All of these things are possible with some basic conversational hypnosis techniques.

What is conversational hypnosis?

Before we can start developing the skills it might make sense to define what we mean by a hypnotic trance, how they occur and what we can do with them.

Since I use hypnosis as a persuasion tool I am going to suggest we use a flexible idea of what a trance is. Just for this article let us say that hypnosis is about altering a person’s state of consciousness. Let’s just look at a simple example. For a few moments think about a pleasant memory from your childhood.

Are you back yet? Good, you have just been in a mild hypnotic trance. You went from your reading trance into a pleasant memory trance and now back to a reading or even a thoughtful trance. And guess what, I induced that in you by asking you to do the exercise.

There is another important point in the exercise. I have no control, I can’t force you to do it and in fact you may not have done the exercise at all. As a conversational hypnotist, I don’t have the ability to make you do my trance I can only suggest and hope you come along.

The other point worth making is that obviously there are more subtle ways of inducing different trance states than just simply asking someone to do it. But often the simplest approach is the most powerful.

If trance is just about getting people to imagine things, how is that useful?

Here are a few ways that conversational hypnotists use their skills. As you are sat at your computer reading this list just think through how many of these might be useful for you:

  • Getting your dream date to imagine feeling real good waking up next to you tomorrow morning.
  • Getting a prospect to imagine how good they will feel after gaining the benefits of your product or service.
  • Taking someone that is feeling unmotivated or un-resourceful and getting them to remember what it feels like to rise over a challenge and succeed.
  • Taking someone who is being argumentative and closed minded and getting them to feel the benefits of thinking in a more flexible way.
  • Letting your team see the benefits they will get when they implement the changes you are asking them to make

I could go on but I suspect you have got the idea and you can imagine many different scenarios in your own life where you can already see the benefits of imagining things differently. If this is true then you already realize the benefits of learning how to use some of these powerful conversational hypnosis techniques.

So how can I take people into a hypnotic trance conversationally?

There are lots of complex techniques like anticipation frames that install states such as curiosity and embedded commands so you just have to find out about particular ideas, concepts and tools. But for the purpose of this article let’s just concentrate on a simple but powerful idea.

If I were to ask you a question that you fully considered then you will have changed the direction of your thoughts from where they were going to where I was directing you. How would you feel if you could use that one simple idea as a gateway to not only taking people into a trance but also in the direction you want them to go?

If this is useful to you here is the structure of that question:

What would it be like if you (x)

Where (x) is the thing you want them to do, feeling you want them to experience or idea you want them to access.

Here is an example:

What would it be like if you were easily talking people into a persuasive trance using this questioning technique?

I guess you might be thinking this takes some practice. You may be surprised to notice that it becomes very natural very quickly. What would it be like when you suddenly realize you are doing this naturally? Can you imagine yourself using this simple but powerful technique to be more persuasive? If you can then a quick way to practice might be to read this article again and just notice how many different ways I have used the same technique with you.

Rintu Basu is the owner of The NLP Company and author of the best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book. Based in Glasgow, Scotland he works as a Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Consultant helping individuals and organizations to reach their goals though being more persuasive.

25 thoughts on “Use Conversational Hypnosis To Be More Persuasive

  1. Avisha NessAiver

    Great article!

    A nice specific usage of this technique that i've read about is for any time that you are trying to get someone to accept something new, get them to think back to when they were a child. Children are farm more carefree and open to new ideas than their adult counterparts, and putting someone in that frame of mind can be very effective.


  2. Rintu Basu

    Hi Avisha,

    You are exactly right. As a trainer I do something similar at the beginning of all my courses. Generally it is just through a set of questions that I ask my audience that are deliberately sequenced to get them to access an age where learning was fun and achieving great things through new knowledge. All completely covert and conversationally.

    My favourite though is when I think there might be resistance in the group. Before I start the training I am already getting them to access times and situations where they saw the world one way and then changed their opinions when new information came to light. I get them to access the feelings of stupidity of ever closing their minds in the first place and the relief of finding out the true nature of the situation. By chaining this as a series of triggers (anchors for NLP Jargon junkies) you can fire each of the emotions off as they first resist and then become enlightened.

    Thanks for the comment Avisha and the opportunity to unpack a little more about a subject I am passionate about.



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